Caffiene & Sugar Dangers!

2nd June 2015

Is has been noted that some children are arriving at school after consuming high sugar and high caffiene drinks for breakfast.

We ask that children only have low sugar drinks such as, fresh juice, milk, tea or water before school. The dangers of drinking high sugar drinks can have the following health implications:

  • One soft drink a day increases Type 2 diabetes risk by a fifth.
  • Drinking high sugar drinks can cause obesity, heart disease, cancers, fatty liver disease, dementia and heart problems.
  • Sugar from high sugar drinks causes tooth decay, enamel erosion and other tooth problems.
  • Sugar is addictive just like tobacco or alcohol
  • In the UK we eat and drink around 70% more sugar than recommended
  • Fruit juice made from concentrate or squash has just as much sugar as cola


The key is to look at the nutritional table on the product. The %RDA is the percentage of our recommended daily intake of nutrients like sugar, fat, proteins etc. The higher the percentage of sugars/carbohydrates the more unhealthy the product is. No one in their right mind would sit and eat 8 tablespoons of sugar straight from the jar for breakfast. So why allow children to do this by consuming sugar heavy, fizzy drinks?