About the Academy

Since September 2012, Strand Primary Academy has begun a real journey of change. The Academy has a clear vision for improvement and a team that is absolutely committed to ensuring that we meet these high aspirations. There is a real buzz amongst the staff who can see the impact of their work in the outcomes, attitudes and behaviours of the children across the school.

Strand Primary Academy’s motto is ‘Together we are stronger’ and we believe that when staff, parents and children work together all children, irrespective of their background, can succeed and achieve their ambitions. We work together to provide a happy, caring, safe and stimulating environment where learning is fun and everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential. We aim to broaden children’s minds and raise their aspirations. We are fostering a ‘can do’ approach and with everyone working together, we strive to make our school the best.

The culture of our school is one in which staff and pupils are continually learning and are determined to succeed. We work collaboratively within the school and we are establishing relationships within the Delta network to share good practice. The principles of nurturing lie at the heart of our school and drive everything we do. We work hard to remove barriers to learning and we place great emphasis on academic achievement, ensuring that children have the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to prepare them for life.

Miss Catherine Davenport

Head of Academy