Views of the Academy

Parental Survey – March 2018 

All my children enjoy coming to school and love to learn and are making progress (FS2, Y2 & Y4 parent) 

All my children have been to this school and I have always found the teachers easy to talk to and helpful. My children have loved this school. (Y1 & Y3/4 parent) 

Good school. Children are learning loads. (FS1, Y1, Y3/4 and Y6 parent) 

It is a good school for every child (FS2 parent) 

My child has settled in well. I can see a massive positive attitude towards school that she didn’t have before. (Y1 parent) 

Great School! (Y1, Y2, Y3/4 & Y4/5 parent) 

I can’t fault any aspect of the school or teaching. (Y1 parent) 

Good ethics and it values its pupils (FS1 & Y3/4 parent) 

I am happy with my child’s progress. (FS2 parent) 

Both my children do well at school and enjoy their days. (Y1 & Y4/5 parent) 

My child has really come out of his shell since being here. There is lots of support from staff and he enjoys coming to school. (Y1 parent) 

My child has made huge progress thanks to Strand Primary Academy. (FS2 parent) 

My child loves the teachers and is learning a lot. (FS2 parent) 

My child has learnt loads and made massive progress throughout his time and he is always happy and well looked after. (FS2 Parent) 

Children are happy, enjoy work, trips, play. Teachers are friendly. Kids get involved in a lot. (FS2, Y3/4 & Y6 parent) 

My daughter is very happy here. The teachers are very helpful and my child is progressing well. (FS2 Parent) 

Always happy with my child’s progress in school. (Y6 parent) 

Overall it is a good school. I have had experience with bad schools so I am glad Strand is not one of them. (FS1, FS2, Y2 & Y3/4 parent) 

I have spoken to many members of staff over the years and always feel that my problems are dealt with. (Y1 & Y4/5 parent)