Weelsby's Wacky Week!

What a crazy week!

Most of the week has been taken up with band practice, more band practice and even more band practice! The Quarentiners had their first gig on Friday morning and for those of you lucky enough to tune in through our zoom call, what a treat you had! When we are world famous and on our world tour (if we are ever allowed out of the country again) making millions of quid, performing in front of thousands of people every night, you will be able to say you were there at the very start! You were the first to see us and what a great honour that was for you.

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to tune in, not to worry, its HERE on youtube! The shout out of the day has to go to Daisy, Gemma’s daughter, whose heckling of “I can’t hear you!”, made us all giggle, even if it meant we couldn’t hear our music!

We’ve added to the decoration around school today and we look forward to seeing how everyone adds to that over the next few weeks until we are all back in! 

The ASDA vouchers for FSM have been issued via email after many trials and tribulations and for those people who we still haven’t got email addresses for, Sally spent the afternoon stuffing their vouchers in a envelope and they have been posted!

On another note, Sarah delivered 9 meat packages earlier this week and 9 fruit and veg packages. What a fabulous idea this was and we hope it’s helped people out! She will be taking another order towards the end of this week! Well done Sarah, great job!! 

Between Weelsby and Strand, we have given away over 800 dinners to both the Women’s Refuge and Harbour Place this week, as well as the flowers which have brought a smile to many people’s face. How fantastic is that?

Bring on next week! Enjoy the video and pictures: