The Reading Strategy

The Reading Strategy is a trust-wide approach to develop reading comprehension skills, it takes place EVERY day for a minimum of 30 minutes. It incorporates age-appropriate, challenging texts which vocabulary rich therefore pupils are exposed to text which enables them to respond using a greater range of vocabulary. The chosen texts are:

 School Across the trust teach from the same book cycles for each year group. This allows for better collaboration and development and shared planning for CPD for all schools. There is a clear focus on core reading comprehension skills which are age appropriate and the strategy develops ‘depth’ in pupil’s reading. The use of a clear structure supports staff and develops confidence in their delivery of reading. All pupils are exposed to high quality texts and discussions despite potential barriers to word reading and comprehension.

The core principles of the Reading Strategy are as follows:

  • A 30-40 minutes whole class text reading session (Additional reading time to be organised by the school)
  • Wherever possible, whole class reading should take place during the morning.
  • This is a non-negotiable session which must not be missed
  • All Academies must use the set texts provided.
  • Texts will last for the term (or even more UKS2)
  • Text used in the reading session will be separate from literacy or wider curriculum work
  • Teachers identify children who are working below or well below ARE who will need support (in addition) for fluency and decoding.
  • All year groups will have a reading response book. There should be 3 pieces of written response per week. (independent/guided/ specific). These books reflect the pride and enjoyment in reading children have
  • These sessions will need to be supplemented with non-fiction and poetry to ensure a broad range of literature is experienced.


In addition to the Delta Reading Strategy, the children at Strand Primary Academy have access to a range of 1:1 reading texts. Predominately these are taken from the Oxford Reading Scheme but the but the school reading scheme books are supplemented throughout each phase to ensure a broad and balanced collection of genres are available. Children are encouraged to read at home daily and receive rewards in our half-termly ‘Book Busters’ assemblies to encourage and develop a love of reading.