Remote Learning - Reading

Here at Strand Primary Academy both teachers and pupils are passionate about reading.

Story time at Strand Primary Academy is an important part of our school day and it helps to develop the love of reading for all of our children. You will be invited to daily Story time zooms during remote learning, but we would also strongly encourage you to read regularly at home.

We have included Ruth Miskin’s Top Ten Tips for reading stories with your children to support you in continuing to enjoy daily reading with your child.


Read Write Inc.

We follow the RWI programme, teaching daily lessons to develop early reading for all of our children.  We regularly assess each of the children to ensure that the books that we are using in and out of school, to support the children’s reading, are well matched to the children’s individual needs and abilities. This ensures that all children are able to read with confidence.

Throughout our remote learning offer your child will receive a blended offer, including:

  • Live RWI lessons
  • Live RWI interventions
  • Recorded sessions via video links
  • Books that support your RWI will be sent home too

We will continue to implement our RWI assessment cycle even if you are learning from home. Which means we can continue to ensure the learning is well matched to your child's individual phonic knowledge.

Here is a handout which will help you to continue the great work you do, supporting your child in learning to read at home.


Reading Plus

We have recently introduced the Reading Plus program to our children who have completed the RWI programme. Reading Plus is an interactive reading programme that integrates comprehension, vocabulary, motivation and reading efficiency into one complete program.

Use the link below to find out more about Reading Plus

We have also included some useful documents to support with reading at home

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