Star of Strand

Head Teacher Award

Drew has received the Head Teacher’s Award this week for his ability to find the resources he needed to support his learning during Maths lessons. He has also been using incredible vocabulary in his writing such as extraordinarily scary when writing about a T-Rex. What a star!

HMS Grimsby

Tommy has been awarded Star of Strand this week. He is always very inquisitive, asking lots of questions to find out more and he is making fantastic progress writing his name.

HMS Rainbow

This week our Star of Strand is Evie-May for being more involved in group activities and seeming more happy in Rainbow Class.

HMS Humber

Cecilia is my Star of Strand this week  because of the improvement in her behaviour. She has carried out some independent work and shared it with her friends in Year 1 and 2. Well done Cecilia.

HMS Victory

Shkelqim’s appetite for learning is infectious. This week, across all curriculum areas, he has applied himself to the best of his abilities and achieved commendable outcomes. Well done!

HMS Queen Elizabeth

Ruby King is our Star of Strand. This is because she has demonstrated a real passion for her home reading. She was also incredibly mature and responsible when solving a problem. She politely conducted herself when requesting her reading book back from visitors in our school. 

Well done Ruby

HMS Diamond

Alfie is my Star of Strand this week because of his perseverance. When he finds something difficult, he never gives up. Alfie will just keep going and going until he succeeds.

You are amazing Alfie, Keep it up!

Who will be in our Hall of Fame next time?

Will it be you???