Teaching and Learning

The overall aim of our Academy is to have an educational community which promotes and provides excellence in teaching, learning, relationships and opportunities, through high expectations and adherence to traditional values.


  • to provide a safe, stimulating learning environment for all pupils and teachers;
  • to enable pupils to achieve their full potential by learning in a variety of ways and through challenging learning experiences;
  • to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that will motivate, engage and challenge pupils whilst also equipping them with the skills required on leaving school;
  • to set high expectations for all pupils in order to raise their aspirations;
  • to raise standards of both teaching and learning.
  • to promote thinking skills across all areas of the curriculum
  • to promote varied and appropriate teaching methods across the academy
  • to ensure appropriate differentiation in delivery and expectation
  • to ensure learning objectives and success criteria are used effectively in all lessons
  • to ensure assessment and target setting are consistent and accurate
  • for all teachers to aspire to deliver lessons judged excellent against Ofsted criteria
  • to ensure both summative and formative Assessment For Learning is used consistently and productively in all lessons and in the marking of independently produced work during extended learning sessions.