Welcome to HMS Diamond!

Welcome to Year 3/4 - HMS Diamond

Our class teacher is Miss Worthington, she loves everything about our school but her favourite lesson is Maths. She is joined in the classroom by her wonderful support staff. We have Mrs Probert, who loves PE, Mrs Freeman, who loves to learn about all things History and RE and Mr Lounds whose favourite subject is Reading.  

In our classroom we value honesty, kindness, determination and perseverance whilst encouraging independence and a desire to learn. The children come into school every day with smiles on their faces, ready to see what the day will bring.  This enthusiasm shines through in all that they do.

All members of Year 3/4 encourage each other to take risks, have a go, and challenge the answers of their peers. This ensures we have an open environment which encourages deeper thinking and reasoning at the same time as supporting those around them. This applies in all lessons, but especially in Maths, where the children are keen to progress through our bronze, silver, gold and challenge tasks. 

Each and every day the children are enthusiastic about reading. Whether this is to an adult, independently or during our daily story time, the children are always picking up a good book.

In Year 3/4 we have a magical Alice in Wonderland themed reading corner which the children love relaxing in with a story of their choice. In our Reading Response lessons, we explore one story in depth for a term at a time. The children are gripped and are always eager to find out what happens next. During these lessons we predict, infer, inspect, sequence, and dive deeply into the thoughts of the characters and the ideas in the text.

The children in Year 3/4 are extremely inquisitive. Our Book Led Curriculum caters to this eagerness to investigate all areas of the curriculum as it provides exciting opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills across many subjects. They investigate, write, research, discuss and grow through active and inspiring tasks. The children are so engaged they often choose to do additional work at home to share with their friends. 

Below is our Summer Term Newsletter and class notices: