Welcome to HMS Humber!

Welcome to Year Two, HMS Humber

The adults in our class are Miss Walker and Mrs Wright. We have had the pleasure of seeing our children grow in confidence and ability over time. We are now putting into practice those skills we have learned in all areas of the curriculum and using them to become independent learners who are curious, engaged and enthusiastic about new learning.

Every day the children come into school eager and excited to learn.

In Year Two our love of reading continues to grow. We read both fiction and non-fiction books. We are becoming confident readers who are able to use expression and take on voices of the characters. We are reading with fluency by taking note of written punctuation. The skills we have learned in RWI (phonics) help us to read unknown words and learn sight words which are tricky to read (Red Words). In our reading response lessons we are learning to predict things that are going to happen and explain our thoughts. We can talk about how a character is feeling based on illustrations and clues in the text. We meet new vocabulary and use these in contexts.


In writing we use our reading skills to help us spell words using ‘Fred Fingers’ and sounding out words. We are developing our writing through the use of adjectives to add interest. Our word choices are becoming more exciting as vocabulary knowledge increases.

Through our scientific investigations we are able to explore changes and talk about why changes happen. We can use scientific vocabulary when sharing our findings and record them in a formal way. We love working with our friends and talking about what we have learned.

Our book led curriculum provides us with exciting topics that involve thought provoking questions. We use books and other methods of finding information. We are able to present our work in different ways. Geography, history, Art, Science and Design and Technology are all aspects of our Book led curriculum, providing us with learning that is linked together and makes learning more meaningful.

As we move into the latter part of the academic year, we are preparing to move into Key Stage Two. We help children to develop their independence and key skills they will need as the foundations for their future education.

We want our children to become confident learners who are equipped with the skills and knowledge that will support them in the future. In addition to this, we want our children to become citizens of the world who are considerate of others, kind and caring. Our children learn about other cultures and beliefs as well as understanding that everyone has the right to equality and has a voice. Sometimes the views of others may differ from our own. Our children are taught that we celebrate difference and are tolerant of others.

We are always proud of our children and admire how children adapt to their environment and how through young eyes we ourselves learn alongside them. It is a great privilege to teach our children and see them grow into the little people they are.

Below is our Summer Term Newsletter and Class notices: