Welcome to HMS Queen Elizabeth!

A warm welcome to HMS Queen Elizabeth

We have a very busy and vibrant classroom; Mrs Patterson and her wonderful Teaching Assistant, Miss Spencer, offer a varied curriculum and support the children through the KS2 SAT’s testing.

The children work hard to improve their independence and resilience in order to make a smooth transition to secondary school.

It is our upmost importance to give the children opportunities to achieve and make life-long memories to take with them as they leave Strand and embark on their next journey.

The children are emersed in there learning in a comfortable and supportive environment and given the opportunity to achieve to the very best of their abilities.

This term we have explored the Tudor and Stuart periods, supported with an encapsulating book ‘Black Powder’ by Ally Sherrick. The children have dived into the world of Kings, traitors, spies and persecution. Following the struggles of a boy, who is willing to do whatever it takes to save his family from the noose. Even if it could mean getting mixed up in one of the most historical plots to kill the king – The Gunpowder Plot!

We start with a bang on our Wow day!

In HMS Queen Elizabeth reading is really important to us all. Each term we look forward to celebrating recieveing our certificates in the Book Busters assembly. These are our last home reading achievements:

Setting sail with Shackleton on an expedition to Antarctica, we tackled issues based around the question ‘Is it right for humans to intervene in the Antarctica?’

As researchers we explored the geographic features of Antarctica. Scientific researchers have been using the island to discover information about the Earths past and then to predict changes in the future. The class debated their own 'for and against' argument, it was interesting to hear individual view points supported with scientific facts.

In HMS Queen Elizabeth we love to celebrate and we think Christmas celebrations are amazing! We made homemade Christmas hats and brought them into school to wear while we ate our Christmas Dinners.

 Below is a copy of our Summer Newsletter: