Welcome to HMS Rainbow!

Welcome to HMS Rainbow

In HMS Rainbow we have a wonderful supportive team working with the children. Miss. Sharpe is the Class Teacher and Miss. Wood and Mrs. Genny are the Teaching Assistants. 

In Year 1 we are working hard learning skills in our daily Read Write Inc. lessons. We learn how to recognise individual single letter sounds, diagraphs and trigraphs, and are then able to blend the sounds together to enable us to read and write words. We then put into practice what we have learnt in these lessons when we are reading and writing throughout our Book Led Curriculum enabling us to begin to be independent learners.

We also have a daily reading response lesson in which we explore a story throughout the term predicting what will happen, sequencing events in the story, discovering characters, and exploring new vocabulary that we come across.

In our writing lessons we use our ‘Fred Fingers’ to help us spell the words we need and our ‘Tricky Word Tree’ to find the red words that are tricky to spell. We learn about sentence structure, how to use capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and conjunctions.

Our Book Led Curriculum provides exciting opportunities for us to discover information and answer questions about different topics through a supporting text. We discover how that topic links to Art, History, Geography, Science and Design Technology through a range of different activities that spark enthusiasm from all our children.

We have a daily story time in which the children are encouraged to listen to a story chosen either by themselves or by the teacher from a selection of quality texts that include the Pie Corbet reading spine for Year 1, traditional tales and books they learnt well in Foundation stage.

We encourage our children to be thoughtful, kind and supportive of one another. They will learn about caring for one another, caring for our world, different values that people have and about how people celebrate in religious festivals throughout the year. We learn that everyone has an opinion and how to listen and discuss these opinions using our Oracy skills.

We love to see our children grow and develop throughout the year and love to share what they are doing at school with their adults at home.

Below is our Summer Term Newsletter and Class notices: