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Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 is the most challenging year in primary school. We are working so hard to achieve our best and develop our independence so that we can make a seamless transition to secondary school.

We are a small class with high expectations and the children are rewarded with ‘Strand currency’ in their bank accounts. That they can then spend at the school shop, which they help to run.

It is a big year for the children in year 6 and despite the up-and-coming testing we want to make this year the most memorable. We have plans for lots of exciting adventures in the terms to come. Which include residential adventure trips, educational experiences and fun days out at the beach to celebrate their achievements.

In the Autumn Term, year 6 are learning about the Tudor period in history and how decisions made in this era by the Monarchs shaped the beliefs and culture of Britain today. We are reading ‘Black Powder’ By Ally Sherrick the story is a rip-roaring, historical adventure and explores the persecution of the Catholics and how this led to the some more dangerous figures plotting against the King.

Our Reading enhanced curriculum is focussed on the exploration of Antarctica. Looking back at the famous explorer Ernest Shackleton and how he and his team defeated the harsh climate and pulled off a successful rescue mission. We then look at how the modern world and exploration has affected this hostile island.

Mrs Patterson – Class Teacher

Mrs Patterson loves teaching in year 6 and likes to make sure the children leave Strand with the best memories. She enjoys reading many genres of books including: His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, and classic novels. Her current favourite author is Colleen Hoover.

Mrs Patterson spends her free time with her family, going on many adventures that she often shares with her class. An art lover, art week is by far her favourite week at school. Spending many years dancing when she was younger, Mrs Patterson loves performing arts and is always excited to try new things and get all the children involved for our whole school performances!

Miss Spencer—Teaching Assistant

Miss Spencer loves to  challenge the children and herself to any games to get the brain working. The class enjoy a good brain buster or riddle that has them very determined to solve.

A classic favourite read for Miss Spencer is the Harry Potter collection. However recently Tattooist of Auschwitz, Cilka’s story and the three sisters.

Miss Spencer enjoys swimming and keeping active with her family, when relaxing a nice slice of cake is a nice treat. She also enjoys watching a range of theatre shows that always sparks some bright idea to bring back to the classroom.

Mr. Lounds—Teaching Assistant

 Mr Lounds enjoys challenging himself to the occasional word search and is often seen with his sudoku book!

He enjoys reading especially the sci-fi and mystery genres. A good book has to keep up the suspense! Mr Lounds spends his free time playing badminton and running around with his three little children.

In the Spring term, year 6 are learning about World War II and are question if conflict is ever worth the consequences? We are exploring how WWII began and how and why different countries contributed to the conflict. The students will listen to Winston Churchill’s speech and look into the importance of radar during WWII. We will take on the roles or Britain and German pilots and explore the tactics during the Battle of Britain. Finally, we will debate how we believe WWII affected modern Britain and decide if conflict is worth the consequences.

Our Reading Strategy book will lead us down an alternative route in relation to WWII. We are reading ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ where we follow the story of a young German Boy who father is in charge of a Nazi concentration camp. He becomes friends with a Jewish boy on the other side  of the fence.

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